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  • NEO360

    SKU: NEO360

    The state-of-the art 360 NEO is a powerful way to create secure ID cards in high volumes. Each full colour, single-sided card with HoloKote®, can be printed in under 23 seconds giving the 360 NEO the ability to print up to 156 cards per hour.


    Print Speed : Up to 156 full colour cards per hour720 monochrome cards per hour

    Card capacities :100 card input, 70 card output

    Visual security : NEO HoloKote® watermark (x10)Custom HoloKote®

    watermark HoloPatch® cards

    Electronic security :ISO 7811, JIS2 magnetic stripe ISO 7816, EMV contact chip MIFARE®, DESFire®, iClass®, others

    Warranty:Limited MagiCover NEO warranty.

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